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The comments below are excerpted from the many thank you letters we receive after each Wintergreen dogsled trip. If you'd like us to put you in touch with one or more of our guests as references regarding their Wintergreen experience, just let us know.

As long as I have memories, I will have memories of my many Wintergreen adventures. My #1 all-time favorite trip/adventure/vacation. Love you all!
Sandy R.

I love Wintergreen’s large wide sleds and was very grateful to be able to share a sled with my husband.
Melissa S.

Far more fun than I ever expected. Gives me bragging rights with my relatives and friends!
Gary P.

Your sleds and organization are truly geared for riders of any skill level.
Elmer W.

The scenery was very picturesque. Eating lunch by the water was pure bliss. The dogs were so, so friendly, loving and beautiful. The sauna was fantastic along with the experience of jumping in the lake. The people we shared our vacation with were extremely warm, kind and fun. We really appreciate you accommodating our request for our own bathroom and for Silk Soy Milk. Thank you!
Darlene T.

It was more fun than we ever expected, great food, great adventure, great scenery, wonderful guide and tour group, and an all-around awesome experience.
Beth J.
We expected a lot of fun gliding along the lake or on the trails. We didn't expect the thrill we'd get over getting over obstacles, going down hills and cutting through the woods along the scenic river rapids. But, it was those things that made the experience extra awesome and memorable.
Missy R.

Our recent visit was everything and more than what we expected. Thank you again for a wonderful trip. All of your staff were very friendly and accommodating. The food was great. Complements to the chef. Our guide was extraordinary.
Richard & Laura N.

Our great guides had a very deep knowledge of the Northwoods area and natural sciences in general. I always learn something new when I come to Wintergreen each year and this trip was no exception.
Doyle P.

This has been such an amazing experience from front to back. I would do this trip again in a minute!
Kristin L.

Our guide had an inner sense of what we could and could not do. She knew exactly how to support, guide, lead and enable each of us to experience the maximum benefit from this trip. I cannot say enough positive things about this amazing young woman. She is wise way beyond her years, and without her, our experience would have been much less positive.
Nita S.

This trip enabled me to see myself as a brave, strong and capable. I have always loved the north woods, but never believed I could enjoy them in the winter. This trip changed my perspective completely. Thank you for an awesome adventure!
Ann P.