Videos Of Our Lodge

Videos Of Our Dogsled Lodge

Minnesota 360: Dog sledding in Ely

Wintergreen has been featured in over a dozen documentaries, films & television specials by National Geographic, PBS, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.  You're welcome to watch any of these great films during your stay with us.  In the meantime,  a couple of them are currently available on line:

to enjoy the 1-hour award-winning National Geographic special about our epic 2-month dogsled expedition to the North Pole that was hailed as a "landmark in polar exploration." It resulted in a National Geographic cover story, our best-selling book, and commendations from Pres. Reagan.



to learn the story of Wintergreen's iconic Canadian Inuit Dogs; from ancient roots in the Arctic as the working sled dog of the Inuit to its confrontation with modern technological society and sadly, it's potential demise as a species (avaiable on Amazon Prime for $1.99).

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